I started with my preliminary exams today. They weren’t that difficult but it makes me wonder about exams. Why do we need them? Is it for the teacher to know that we learned the lessons? What happens if the students’ are different learners who aren’t good at exams but are excited to learn… how about them? do we push them to conform to the standardized way of teaching? If they fail do we call them stupid or lazy? We always say people were born to do great things and that no two persons are alike, so why do we have school or exams? I mean education is very important it is the power that every person should have, but if school makes standardized tests then aren’t we making them normal and not unique? I guess I’m wrong or right… I don’t really know. My mind is a mess today from all the stress I had to endure.


Author: awkwardfanaa

Loves to get lost in music and books. Always trying to decipher the true meaning of Life. Likes watching movies. Eats tons of sweets but favors chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

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