Go Down Singing


I’ve been listening to this song over and over. I’m with the big dark cloud again and I can’t get out. This song is helping me get through the days. I know it’s the season of celebrating, but my brain is overdosing on hormones and can’t get the with seasons.

“When you’re lost and can’t be found,
just lift your head and stand your ground.
It’s always dark before the dawn,
so raise your voice and sing this song…”

This song’s entire message is positivity. Everyone needs positivity. Even if I’m not getting on the Holiday spirit, I’m still positive that I’ll be okay. (It’s ironic how I’m depressed but still positive) Things will get better and this will be my anthem. Thanks Tyler Duncan, Theo Katzman, and Michelle Chamuel for spreading positive vibes through music!


Author: awkwardfanaa

Loves to get lost in music and books. Always trying to decipher the true meaning of Life. Likes watching movies. Eats tons of sweets but favors chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

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