New Music Faves!

I’ve been on 8tracks, YouTube, and the classic radio looking for new music to listen to. Here is a list!

1. Michelle Chamuel

She finally released her debut album, Face The Fire, that she worked with Theo Katzman and Tyler Duncan. It’s wonderful, her vocals are mad heavenly!

2. Ryn Weaver

OH MY GOD A REAL LIFE FAIRY ON EARTH!! She’s Amazing!! I love Sail On

3. Shura

Please listen to Touch. Now. Please.

4. Grace Mitchell

She’s 17 and rocking her art. Her lyrics are just ugggghhhh (good ughhhhh)

5. Fall Out Boy

Excuse me while I try to dance and build my own Baymax at the same time.

6. Years & Years

They’ll make you dance waaaay too much.

7. James Bay

The voice of an angel.

8. MisterWives

more music to dance to.

what are your new faves? comment down below! =)


Author: awkwardfanaa

Loves to get lost in music and books. Always trying to decipher the true meaning of Life. Likes watching movies. Eats tons of sweets but favors chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

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