Shitty Poetry Pt. 2368468742

I saw a girl yesterday, She was screaming at something. She had this rage, you could feel it too. I felt it, like you know those weird aura shit. She was screaming, but nobody confronted her about her tirade. I mean children were near her! I had to stop it, I want up to her and said “excuse me? Please stop it, you have every reason  to be mad, I’m sure. Just stop,  the children can hear you.” she stopped and whispered “no I won’t!” and she started screaming at me. I left, I was scared of her, she obviously lost it.

When I was home, I wondered why the other people didn’t tell her stop. The parents of the kids were just not minding her. It’s weird. I was disturbed by her, how can someone with so much rage, so much anger lives in this world, what happened to her? I don’t want to be her.

too late