The Catcher in the Rye

It took me 2 months to finish reading this book. I won’t bore you with the synopsis, because you’ve probably read the book.

Holden is seriously relatable, I understand why Catcher became a classic. Holden is the teen that we all were. We wanted to be treated as adults, but we want to hold on to our childish ways. For me, I knew how he felt, hating the world, but at the same time… Hating myself. I contradicted myself about judging other people.

I liked reading this, but it made me depressed in a way. I probably won’t be reading it again, but I’ll keep my copy.

Why do you love Holden?


Author: awkwardfanaa

Loves to get lost in music and books. Always trying to decipher the true meaning of Life. Likes watching movies. Eats tons of sweets but favors chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

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