Runaway pt. 2

I hug her tight
She doesn’t put up a fight
She’s happy I’m here
She’s not alone

We are together. We are one.



I’m scared. I’m running. The wind passes through my hair. I can’t see anything but all I think of is her.

She’s my haven. The place where I feel safe. Let me be with her. Let me runaway. Please.

My life would be complete with her. Her arms wrapped around me. Her love surrounding me.

Shitty poetry pt. Rose

I felt tense, I couldn’t breathe. Everything felt like melting away and I can’t grab anything. My mind is slipping and I’m crying. Never in my life have I felt this.

I’m in a beige padded room and the rose whispered “nevermore” it kept whispering till I slept. When I woke up the rose is there.

The rose is real, it’s real. Everything was real. My mom told me that I’m not mad and that everything would be okay. The rose disappeared.

Everything is real. Nothing is unreal. Nothing but roses.