All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven

This is a book review.

To start it off All The Bright Places is about two teens who met in a bell tower. Finch and Violet find themselves doing a project together; they need to find wonderful things in their state of Indiana. Slowly a romance builds while they’re wandering.

It’s a tale of grief, mental illness, and love.

I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT I FUCKING RELATE TO FINCH. I’m glad that someone wrote Finch as well as Niven did. She did her research. What Finch was feeling, the black hole, the need to hurry about doing things…. It’s real. I felt those too. I could relate to Violet as well… The grieving part. It’s hard to move on and still want to remember your loved one.

Yes the plot is a bit predictable, that’s why I let myself not devour it because I knew it would break my heart. It did. I really wanted to cry but I was out in public so I didn’t.

This book is amazing and I can’t wait to have my copy signed soon.

Read this book. You won’t regret it.


Author: awkwardfanaa

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