What am I Trying to Say?

That’s the question I ask myself a lot. Do you ever get that feeling? You have this thought that you want to share and for some reason you can’t express it. it becomes difficult to describe and then suddenly you’re rambling random shit that doesn’t make sense whit your original idea and now you’re stuck.

This happens a lot to me, but after rambling, I just freeze with a look of utter confusion. I end up looking like a person who just snapped out of a weird trance. like what my face looks like now.


Shitty poetry – 2am 

I’m a prude. There I said it. Nobody thinks about me or people like me except when they want to play.

I’ve never been to parties. I’m always in the lib, trying to keep my head down. Hiding behind friends. Friend.

I hide the jealousy with responsibility, but it comes off as me being a prude. Why can’t be like them?

Blindly having fun with guns and knives. They enjoy beer with bloody hands. Lights would the only thing I would enjoy with them.

I will never pull them to where I am, but it isn’t fair for them to trap me here. Alone in the dark with the monsters. I need light.

Late Night Ramblings

It’s one of those nights were my thoughts are spilling out of my brain. Thoughts about my future, my relationships, and even the most random shit. I just thought about making a movie that revolves around a bunny serial killer.

Science says that over thinking is not good for the brain. I think otherwise, yes it may make you over analyze things or make you more conscious but it helps you make proper decisions. Over thinking can help sort your priorities and compartmentalize the bad thoughts from the good ones.

Over thinking is like a cardio workout for your brain… It makes you tired but it’s good for you. (I think)