What am I Trying to Say?

That’s the question I ask myself a lot. Do you ever get that feeling? You have this thought that you want to share and for some reason you can’t express it. it becomes difficult to describe and then suddenly you’re rambling random shit that doesn’t make sense whit your original idea and now you’re stuck.

This happens a lot to me, but after rambling, I just freeze with a look of utter confusion. I end up looking like a person who just snapped out of a weird trance. like what my face looks like now.


Felt a bit sad, so I checked my old emails

If you went through this blog, you know that I have depression and that is hard for me. I’ve been feeling all kinds of lonely this week, so I decided to check old messages, emails, and posts. First was my twitter, I read other people’s old tweets mostly, I like how people tweet about their day and stuff. I checked Facebook off my list because I am not going through that timeline thing. I read old texts from my sisters and from my dad; I miss them. The last one I checked were my emails, I found old receipts from iTunes and Book Depository and deals for travels (I wish I got them).

I found this particular email I got from a person that I really inspire me. I read what I sent her and what she replied to me. It brought back all the happiness I felt when I got her reply and reading what she had written. THAT email reminded me why I accept my emotions, even if it’s sadness. I am reminded that one of the reasons that we are human is that we feel.

I need to print that email and stick it to my wall, just so I can remind myself why I’m alive.

Fifty Shades of Curiosity

I read the book, I liked it at first (got bored during most of the sex parts, so I skipped some of them), but then I realized Christian Grey is a bad boyfriend. Not because of the BDSM, but the parts when he gets possessive of Anastasia. I’m curious about why do a lot of people like him? like what is it with this character? Is it the bad boy type thing? I’m really curious, I wanna know why people like Christian Grey!!

I’m also curious about the movie, some people said that the movie stressed about Anastasia’s consent…so that’s a good thing. Is the movie worth watching???

Let me know down in the comments! =)